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This is the story of how two women,

passionate about storytelling,

met and began a business...

Sheryl Peters

(BFA, MA) Co-Producer of As It Happened Productions, is experienced in videography and editing. She also has 14 years of experience as a community artist and sociological researcher. Her community arts work includes digital storytelling projects with women and girls whose mothers went to residential school and newcomers’ first experiences in Canada. Sheryl has been an adjunct professor for Indigenous Studies at U of W, and the Sociology and Human Ecology departments at U of M, and has worked in the Indigenous Access Program. Her research focuses on the health and well-being of women, social marginalization, person-centred health care, and methods for bringing communities together.

Angela Chalmers

(BA Honours) Co-Producer of As It Happened Productions. She specializes in sound and interviewing. She is also a performer, writer, educator/facilitator and social advocate. Angela has 17 years of experience as a professional stage, screen and radio performer and the author of two plays. She has worked as an arts-educator with adults and children in communities across Canada, including northern fly-in communities. She also wrote a book on adult democracy education and a book about teaching improv theatre. She is currently a theatre instructor at Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

As It Happened Productions

As It Happened Productions (AIHP) began as an idea in 2014 while Angela was filming her Grandpa’s stories to share with the family and save for the future. The name of the business came from her grandfather saying, “I’ll tell you the story just as it happened!”


Angela and Sheryl met through the University of Winnipeg Oral History Department Associate Accreditation Program. Within weeks, they began their business. Recognizing their mutual love of film, shared approach to gathering and preserving stories and complimentary skill-sets, it was a perfect match! 


As It Happened Productions is a proudly Winnipeg-based, female owned and operated business. True to their beginnings, AIHP focuses on:

  • Capturing the story that important to their clients

  • Working in an ethical and respectful manner

  • Understanding and meeting the needs of each person or group 

  • Ensuring that each interview is a comfortable, fun and positive experience

  • Providing each client with a professional final product

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