We present your personal stories in a professional way.

With our approach, you retain control of your projects. 


We are the only family-focused documentary business in Manitoba.

We believe in taking the time to build and support relationships with our clients.

We value the work we do within the not-for-profit community, providing a platform for many voices that need to be heard.

Before being documentarians, Angela was first a drama educator and actor. Sheryl a sociologist/artist. These skills bring a special sensitivity and additional set of skills to our filmmaking.

Below are some of the Common Questions
we are asked about our work and how we do it:


As It Happened Productions works with you and your family to capture the stories that are interesting and important to you.
We come to you. Our process has been designed to support the needs of family members of all ages. We interview your family members where they are most comfortable.
In preparation for a pleasant and positive interview experience, pre-interviews are held to:
  • provide an opportunity for the subject(s) to become comfortable with us and the camera, and
  • allow us to meet and learn about the person, ensuring we ask the best questions possible during filming.
We incorporate existing materials that you gather to support and add to the stories being told. This could include photographs, videos or documents.
As It Happened Productions focuses on person-centred stories.
We enjoy, but are not limited to, capturing stories that are:
  • local
  • arts-related
  • women-focused 
  • socially-engaged
  • historical
When appropriate, we will incorporate other art mediums in to our filmmaking.
We aid groups and individuals in identifying and applying for any relevant grants that are available. 

What makes

As It Happened Productions different?

A Moving Scrapbook is a short documentary consisting of only pre-existing media and materials. This includes photographs, documents, video clips and old film.
Moving Scrapbooks are great for personal and/or group special occasions. They can be shown at events, shared online or handed out as keepsakes. 

What makes it a Family History documentary?

What kind of documentaries do you make?

How much does a

Family History documentary or 

Moving Scrapbook cost?

Moving Scrapbooks costs start at $250.
For a five (5) minute basic Family History Documentary, the cost is approximately $2,000. The final fee will vary depending on the expected length, number of interviews conducted, distance travelled, restoration to pre-existing footage and any special project additions.
Contact us HERE to discuss the costs and process of capturing your loved ones' story.

What about a Family History 'Moving Scrapbook'?

As It Happened Productions specializes in person-centred, interview-based documentary filming. We do have excellent working relationships with archivists, animators, drone-operators, musicians, and many other film industry professionals, providing you access to Manitoba's best. 

Do you make all kinds of films and do all styles of shooting?

Will you do digital storytelling with a group or organization?


How much does it cost?

We definitely do Digital Storytelling workshops for groups and organizations! We work with all ages, levels of technical proficiency, as well as groups with special considerations and needs. We can travel to you, and adapt to meet the needs of an existing event.
The starting cost for a one day digital story group with 5 participants is $700 and will then vary based on the needs of the project. The number of participants, workshop length and amount of equipment supplied will all play a factor.

Contact us HERE to talk about Digital Stories and pricing. When possible, we offer flexible pricing for not-for profit organizations.

Is the cost of an Audio Recording different from other documentaries?

Yes, it is different. Audio Recordings (Interviews and Stories) can cost less. Again, though, it will depend on the project. Audio projects often include music and sound effects. We will work to record all that is needed but sometimes, sound bytes must be purchased.
Contact us HERE to discuss your Audio Story project and we can provide you will a proper quote.

Who owns the documentary and other materials at the end?


What about privacy?

In the end, YOU own the project. 
Privacy parameters are always clearly discussed beforehand and laid out in each of our client contracts.
We may ask if you are willing to let us show a clip of your film or project for promotional purposes. We will always ask first and put the agreement in writing.
Additional footage, call B-roll, is gathered while filming a documentary. Unused B-roll becomes the property of As It Happened Productions, except for footage that includes subjects (people identified in the documentary). Permission for use of footage that includes subjects will be requested. There is no obligation to say yes. This agreement will be put in writing.
If a grant was received to complete the film, all expectations of reporting and presenting will be adhered to. These grants can only be secured with the support of you, the client and therefore, you would be aware of these expectations.
Sensitive materials, footage and sound bytes created while developing Digital Stories, will be deleted and disposed of based on the project's contract.

How much does a documentary cost?

For a five (5) minute basic Documentary, the cost is approximately $3,000. The final fee will vary depending on the expected length, amount of pre-production research, number of interviews conducted, distance travelled, locations filmed, restoration to pre-existing footage and any special project additions and requests.
When possible, we offer flexible pricing for not-for profit organizations.
Contact us HERE to further discuss your documentary idea and see how we can work with you to bring it to the screen.

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