What As It Happened Productions does:

Below are examples of the types of storytelling documentaries we, As It Happened Productions (AIHP), create for our clients. We adapt to meet the needs of each of our projects. Whatever story you would like to capture, we work with you tell and preserve your tale.


Your professional documentary can be shared with family around the world, at a important gathering, during a conference, on your organization's website or even over the radio. Let us know where you want to present your story.

Not sure what you need? Take a look at these four standard AIHP documentary types. We will work with you to determine what works best for you and your story!

Let us help you tell your story.

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Having your own custom documentary can be done in Five Steps.


Step 1: Project Goals

We work with you to identify what is important including:

  1. story (subject and/or subject-matter)

  2. audience

  3. final presentation medium

  4. length


Step 2: Pre-Production

Using the project goals, AIHP puts together a plan. Interviewees are confirmed and met with and locations are found and booked. Any travel or other special requirements are arranged. Research is conducted and support materials are gathered. Any other project goals that that need to be addressed in order to prepare for filming and editing are also arranged at this time.

Step 3: Production

This is when the interviewing and filming of the story takes place. Photographs and audio are also gathered as needed.

Step 4: Post-Production

The footage is now all put together. This is where all the preparation pays off! Editing, effects and music will tie the story together. 

Step 5: Delivery

Enjoy sharing your custom documentary!


To learn more, check out our How We Do It page.

Together we take your treasures and turn them in to a film forever... 

The Family History Documentary is very much like the five step documentary process outlined above. Most importantly, you are in control of the documentary. We use our skills as filmmakers to tell your tale.


Before we begin filming we will all sit and talk to identify the stories that matter the most to your family. This may include stories and/or a special event.


In addition to the personalized interview process (more about that on the HOW page), we incorporate existing materials important to your family story. These may include old videos, documents, photographs and slides and family keepsakes.

Upon completion, you will be given a professional documentary that can be shared with family abroad, at an important event/gathering, and arguably most importantly, kept for younger generations to hear stories, their history, told by elderly family members, in their words, just as it happened.

Family History Documentaries

A professional documentary starring your family!

Digital Storytelling

We help you use new media technology to tell a story.

Digital storytelling provides participants with the tools to tell a story, fact or fiction. Some groups choose to focus on a theme. Others come to digital storytelling for the experience of experimenting with new media. 

Using a combination of imagery (still and moving) and sound (spoken word and effects), As It Happened Productions will support creators in developing a personalized short digital story.

AIHP will work with organizations, educational groups, businesses and individuals to create digital stories. Participants will learn basic filming, sound and editing techniques through a hands-on learning experience.

Access to cameras and computers is required and  can be arranged by AIHP, if needed. Digital stories can be created over a series of gatherings or in a short intensive workshop/conference-style setting.


Contact us HERE to discuss the possibilities! We can tailor a digital storytelling project to meet the needs of you group.

Audio Recordings

Hearing the voice of the storyteller can be the most powerful experience.

As It Happened Productions is passionate about capturing personal stories. This is our business. We know that hearing a story in the voice of the actual storyteller is the most powerful. An audio recording, also called an Oral History recording, can be one of the most straight forward, yet dynamic, ways of doing this. These recordings are important to our families, to our communities, to our collective history.

AIHP will come to you and capture the sounds of your events or the tales and testimonials of individuals. Sometimes a camera isn't appropriate (ceremonies, hospitals, etc). In those instances, we can assist you in documenting the stories important to you with high quality audio.

With family and friends around the world, the sound of a loved one's voice can can be a comforting and welcome surprise. AIHP will assist you in creating a personal recording that can then be sent and heard anywhere, anytime. We will help you create a special gift that can be enjoyed anywhere, over and over again.

To learn more, check out our How We Do It page

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