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         Change, dear film friends, is on the way!

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2022 was a busy and exciting year for As It Happened Productions (AIHP).

A few 2022 highlights:

  • Delivery of a 2-year, fully accessible Travel Videos project for the Interlake Tourism Association presented using;

  • Fixer for a Studio Lambert series airing on BBC1, providing unique filming opportunities and ensuring respectful interactions while traveling across Turtle Island;

  • Post-Production Coordinator Jenna Brown shifted to working as an AIHP Associate Producer. We are so proud of them and grateful for their work;

  • Coordination of the Whistler Film Festival's first ever Accessibility Audit;


As much as we LOVE supporting folks in realizing their stories through documentary film and will always engage in this work, we at AIHP are shifting our primary focus to facilitating accessibility in and for film.

Recently, Accessible Media Inc., in partnership with the Canadian Media Fund and Telefilm Canada, launched the Disability Screen Office (DSO) to "eliminate accessibility barriers and support and amplify disabled creatives". Angela is thrilled to be listed as one of their Accessibility Consultants.

As a disability-led production company, AIHP has been advocating for access in film since its inception. We are excited by the possibilities the DSO may offer. Angela is traveling to Berlin this February 2023 to participate as a guest of the European Film Market's first ever Diversity & Inclusion Program to further her learning, share her experiences and build a global community committed to access for all. Jenna will be staying on Treaty One land to coordinate the post-production of AIHP's latest documentary exploring the role of theatre in the social justice movement (delivery - Spring 2023).

From development to delivery, AIHP is now officially your go-to production company to facilitate access and inclusion in your filmmaking process.

The As It Happened Team provides consultation on systemic, organizational change for inclusion within your film organization or production. With the amazing partnerships we have fostered over the years, AIHP also coordinates access supports in post-production such as ASL interpretation, Described Video, Captioning and translation for your films. 

Our new focus will still include the coordination of 'Mindful Fixing and Field Directing/Producing' - honouring communities and people first while providing unprecedented and diverse access to talent, crews, locations and permits for guest production companies in Canada. 

We are currently updating our website with new information and, through community consultation, making it WCAG 2.1 compliant. Thank you for your patience.

We look forward to working with you in the near future!

With gratitude,

Angela Chalmers

Creative Producer & Accessibility Consultant 

Jenna Brown

Associate Producer & Post-Production Accessibility Supports Coordinator


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